GRANDPA’S GREAT ESCAPE is the story of Grandpa (Tom Courtenay) a World War II flying ace, who is sadly now suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and when his family can no longer look after him he is moved to Twilight Towers, an old people’s home. It soon becomes clear Miss Dandy (Jennifer Saunders) is running Twilight Towers for her own ulterior motives and it is up to Grandpa and his grandson Jack (Kit Connor) to make a daring escape. Failure could have the most dire consequences but success will give Grandpa a final chance to relive his past and once again take to the sky in his beloved Spitfire.

The all star cast includes David Walliams who plays Jack’s Dad, Barry, Samantha Spiro, who play Jack’s mum Patricia and Michelle Dotrice as Miss Trifle.

GRANDPA’S GREAT ESCAPE is the sixth of David Walliams’ books to be adapted for television.

Writers: David Walliams, Kevin Cecil

Director: Elliot Hegarty

Producer: Charlie Leech

Executive Producer: Jo Sargent

Starring: Tom Courtenay, Jennifer Saunders,  David Walliams, Kit Connor, Samantha Spiro, Michelle Dotrice, Harish Patel and Katy Brand.

Broadcaster: BBC One

Duration: 1 x 60′

Transmission: Monday 1st January at 6:55pm on BBC One


– Tom Courtenay won the 2018 Children’s BAFTA for Best Performance.

– 2018 Rockie Award for Best Children’s and Youth Fiction Series at the Banff World’s Media Festival.