CINDERELLA AFTER EVER AFTER is written by David Walliams and The Dawson Bros for Sky One and King Bert Productions.

All fairy tales end with ‘happy ever after’ but what happens after ever after? The anarchic 60-minute Christmas special begins where the fairy tale ends; Cinderella (Sian Gibson) has just married her Prince Charming (David Walliams), but soon has a rude awakening when she realises married life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when you have an image-obsessed, floss-dancing, hip-hop rapping husband. Perhaps a glass slipper fitting your foot is not sufficient grounds for a lifelong commitment after all?

This heart-warming festive show follows Cinderella (Sian Gibson) as she fights to save The King (Sir Tom Courtenay) from the traps of her evil stepmother Madame Blackheart (Celia Imrie) and her conspiring and moronic stepsisters Dumbella and Rubella.


Writers: David Walliams & The Dawson Bros

Director: Elliot Hegarty

Producer: Catherine Gosling Fuller

Executive Producer: Jo Sargent

Starring: David Walliams, Sian Gibson, Tom Courtenay, Celia Imrie, Ellen Thomas, Camille Ucan, Ruth Bratt, Ben Ashenden, Alexander Owen

Broadcaster: Sky One

Duration: 1 x 60′

Transmission: Christmas Eve 2019 at 8.00pm and Christmas Day 2019 at 5.00pm