Tales from Malory Towers Podcast

10 x 10′

Jump into the world of Malory Towers through the diaries of the North Tower gang. Packed full of mysteries and adventures – from secret coded messages washed up on the beach and a feathery patient in the San to fortune telling in the dorm and midnight discoveries in the attic! Every day is extraordinary at Malory Towers!

Tales from Malory Towers is a ten-part podcast series for BBC Sounds.

Writers: Ayad Andrews, Radhika Sanghani, Angela Clarke, John Hunter, Javid Rezai, Omar Khan, Billie Collins, Vanessa Schofield, Sarah Cassidy, Niki Rooney

Director: Tracey Rooney & Gary Williams

Producer: Matt Winlow

Executive Producer: David Collier

Starring: Ella Bright, Danya Griver, Sienna Arif-Knights, Natasha Raphael, Imogen Lamb, Beth Bradfield, Jude Harper-Wrobel, Ashley McGuire, Rosalie Craig, Clive Mantle.

Available on: BBC Sounds

Duration: 10 x 10′