Darrell and the gang return to Malory Towers for their second form. Adventure, fun and boarding school antics are back in full swing, with midnight feasts, classroom tricks and lasting friendship.

Darrell finds herself caught between fun-loving Alicia and the more cautious Sally, while Gwen discovers new ways to manipulate the girls in the dorm! Ellen Wilson joins Malory Towers on a scholarship, but it takes time for her to warm to the school and her new classmates. Mr. Parker also arrives as the new second form teacher, with Matron and Mam’zelle Rougier returning to keep the girls in order.

However, among the excitement, fun and capers – the girls are brought together by news that shocks them all…

A co-production with Wildbrain and BYUtv

HEAD WRITERS: Rachel Flowerday, Sasha Hails

WRITERS: Matt Evans, Julie Dixon, Wally Jiagoo, Shazia Rashid, Rob Kinsman

DIRECTORS: Bruce McDonald, Gary Williams

PRODUCERS: David Collier, Angela Boudreault

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Jo Sargent, Yvonne Sellins

BROADCASTERS: CBBC & The Family Channel

DURATION: 13 x 30’